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Waterfall Tours Songgolangit

Waterfall Tours Songgolangit

This tourist village situated in the north corner of Flower District 30 km from the town of Jepara. This waterfall has a height of 80 m and a width of 2 m. According to the strong currents that spread among the local population that will remain ageless body after a shower or wash their faces for those who believe. A natural view around the Tour is so beautiful and clean udarayang and relaxed, and make this place a comfortable place to visit as a recreational area. You can find various types of butterflies with a beautiful color. To achieve this tour, you can use two or four wheeled vehicles with the vehicle wheels to the asphalt road towards meyusuri Songgolangit tour.

Long ago there was a young man from a village Tunahan create a love affair with a beautiful young woman from the corner of Flower Village Hamlet Sumanding sub-district. Their relationship continued until marriage. It continues that between village and village Tunahan corner there is a river (now the river becomes a waterfall).
In the past, a young man who wanted to propose a young woman must membawaperlengkapan kitchen like a skillet, plates, glasses, etc. and also bring a short life like buffaloes, cows, sheep, etc.. At the dawn of the wife's initiative to prepare for the breaking of my beloved husband, when she was preparing breakfast, because a little clumsy, he made noises from the kitchen sets. Because of the noise, her mother warned her "Do not be noisy, because it will make your husband awake." Her husband heard that the inter-layered and missed her mother in law what is said as "Why do you make a noise, when you work, whether you think these are the things a husband?"
Just when her husband was very annoyed with her mother in the words of the law, so in the middle of the night the couple left the house to move into the home her husband by riding a train pulled by a cow. It was so dark when they go the wrong way (getting lost), and they felt that the car falls into ravine (known as the waterfall Songgolangit) and those missing in action.

This legend is so widely spread among the local villagers, so that a ban between the people of the village and village Tunahan angle to become husband and wife, because they will meet too many obstacles in their relationship. Songgolangit waterfall, which is why people call it, because if you view the waterfalls from below, the waterfall seems to support the sky. That is high that the waterfall was guarded by the couple husband and wife who participated in keeping the comfort ability of tourists who enjoy the beauty of the plot, because they feel that tourists are guests they must be respected and maintained the safety and comfort ability.

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