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tourism to the Karimun Java

Java Karimun Island is a sub-district of Jepara, which consists of 27 islands, three villages with a population of 8.000 is the reservation area. The existence of some special flora and fauna that make this island in protect.

1. Origin stories Karimun Java

Sunan Nyamplungan is the person who gave the name karimunjawa. Sunan Nyamplungan also called Amir Hasan when he was young was the son of Sunan Muria. Amir Hasan was a spoiled child, his mother always gave all he wanted. On the other hand his father did not agree with a bad attitude, so his father taught the basic values of Islam to him, but did not change the bad behavior of Amir Hasan. Sunan Muria not stand the behavior of their children, so she asked her brother named Sunan Kudus to teach Amir Hasan. Sunan Muria is expected that by the method of Sunan Kudus, his son's behavior will change.
Sunan Kudus Amir Hasan teaches very well, would not be surprised if Amir Hasan be a good person young. Given the changes in behavior Amir Hasan, Sunan Kudus brought him back to Sunan Muria.

Sunan Muria very happy because his son changed. To prove his son's knowledge of Islam, he then told Amir Hasan went to an isolated island barely visible from the top of Mount Muria.
Hasan TouristAmir accompanied by two men and is provided with two sheets of Calophyllum inophyllum tree. long journey by sailing on the wide sea, finally ending the island's aims. Amir Hasan decided to stay on the island and then the "KARIMUNJAWA"
The island is barely visible from the summit of Mount Muria region's java. On the island there are many trees of Calophyllum inophyllum. That is the reason why amir Hasan known as the "Sunan Nyamplung"

2. Lele Dumbo Stingless Fresh Air
When Nyai Sunan Muria (Sunan Muria's wife) did not find her son, she asked her husband where he had gone Amir Hasan. Sunan Muria then replied that Amir Hasan was asked to go to the remote island north of Java island. Sunan Muria Nyai decided to meet Amir Hasan. He brings Amir Hasan favorite food "Pecel catfish" (barbequed freshwater catfish served with crushed chili peppers). Unfortunately he could not see amir Hasan. So, he threw the food into the sea. Magic, casted away food to the island that aims Amir Hasan. Catfish on the island is not yet known stingless catfish Legon Lele, this area is located and the last part of Karimun.

3. Piercing Nails
Sunan Muria Nyai favorite food also brings another Amir Hasan made of nails as a major material.Because disappointment, he threw the food into the sea. Same with freshwater fish, magic nails also dedicated much of the sea karimunjawa nails can be found at Legon Lele, they all nails have special holes in their backs. So they called the "Scales Bolong" (stab Nails).

4. Blind snake
Narrated, one day, Amir Hasan was looking for a place to spread Islamic knowledge. When he walks around, suddenly there was a black snake and she was bitten by poisonous snakes. He later angrily condemned the serpent to the snake and the blind. Currently, the snake is known as "snake edor", generally a snake can not move in the light of day.

5. Wood Dewadaru
When we visited the tomb of Sunan Nyamplungan pages located on the hill, we'll find two large tree called "Gods of Wood" by the gate. According to local folklore, the type of wood that has magical powers. Local people believe that the timber will make their home saved from thieves or other disturbing actions if they are part of the wood in their homes.

6. Wood Setigi
Trusted as a timber used as a stick by Sunan Nyamplungan and used to condemn the snake mentioned above.Special note: this type of timber will be withdrawn in the water if we inserted into the water. It is used to counteract poison animals.

7. Wood Kalimasada

Instead they are the type of wood, there is also a type of wood that has a magical power called Kalimasada Wood. Local communities to fight against the devil spirits often use this wood.

Special potency karimunjawa From Potential
National marine park consists of a karimunjawa district, 3 villages and 27 islands (5 islands are uninhabited, others are empty). The distance is about 90 km north of Jepara town center.

Leaving plenty of interest
Karimunjawa National Marine Park is an area that is fit to undertake the seawater tours karimunjawa some additional value:
- View Wonderful ocean and water purity
- With a sandy beach
- Some unique animals such as deer preserved, stingless, catfish, snakes edor, etc.
- Rarely touching the forest
- Sharks, grouper, lemuna, tripang can be seen in the preservation area
- Dolphins

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